Gustavo & Marina Couto

Executive Vice President

With a diverse background in computer science, stock options trading, FOREX trading, tax free retirement, project and risk management, Gustavo utilizes his skills to help clients create and protect wealth. He has a passion for teaching people about money and is an active speaker on finances. He brings a fresh approach to discussing money with his audience, boiling complex subjects to simple terms that make his workshops engaging and informative, thus empowering his clients to take action with their own money and finances. His expertise includes the application of safe money vehicles that are guaranteed not to lose money due to stock market down turns. His personal interests include biking, rally car driving, traveling and hanging out with his family.
“I love helping people, I’m passionate about impacting my community in a positive way.”Marina is an extremely valuable asset to our team for many reasons, a few of which are that she: develops strong relationships, can analyze data to identify issues and solve problems and is also an independent self starter. With many years experience in project management; training and supporting sales teams, she is a perfect fit as a leader and mentor for Five Rings agents and clients! Her energy and innovative marketing strategies brings the message of financial literacy to hundreds of people each month!
“Our job is to make your financial dreams come true (no extra charge for helping you learn how to dream again)!”