Rudy Garcia & Kym Colvin

Executive Vice President

Rudy comes to us via the University of Colorado with a BA/BS in Accounting. Rudy is in his third and final career. His first career, 1981-1995, was in the automobile industry where he held positions of Sales Manager, General Sales Manager and Finance Director for some of the top automobile dealers in America. His second career was as “Top Producer in the Nation” where he led production with World Insurance, American Republic, Assurant Health and U S Health Advisers. Rudy’s 3rd and final career began in 2013 with Five Rings Financial. In his first 4 months he achieved a Regional Vice President position and was the first producer to attain his Executive Vice President position in a one year period. Rudy’s motto is “Go Big or Go Home!” With over 33 years experience as a pharmacist, Kym joins us with an abundance of energy, experience and patience. She has worked in a Critical Access Hospital setting for over 10 years and has certification in Lean Leadership Training for Healthcare which gives her an insightful understanding of “Living Benefits”. She’s a foodie and sparkly fashionista with a love of travel and music. In her free time, you can find Kym cooking, reading or gardening. “My greatest accomplishments are my 25 years of marriage to Rudy and our amazing daughter, Krysten.”